Last Chance for Animals

This is a Global Issue!

Urge the Ontario Crown Attorney to Reopen the Marineland Canada Court Case - Animal Cases are Important!

In December 2022, the Ontario Crown Attorney, Michal Sokolski, dropped criminal proceedings against Marineland Canada after the Niagara Regional Police Service charged the facility in December 2021. Based on an undercover investigation and video footage supplied by LCA, law enforcement criminally charged Marineland with using whales and dolphins in shows for entertainment.

The decision by the Crown is a miscarriage of justice for the animals.  The Crown’s decision undermines Canada's 2019 federal law, The Ending the Captivity of Whales and Dolphins Act, that expressly criminalizes this activity.

Marineland Canada must be held accountable for illegally using whales and dolphins for entertainment. Fill out the form below and urge the Ontario Crown Attorney to reopen the Marineland Canada case. You can make a difference.