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Urge S. Korean President Yoon to End the Dog Meat Trade

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There are approximately 3000 dog meat factory farms in S. Korea and approximately one million dogs suffer and die in the dog meat trade every year. Most of these dogs are born and raised on the dog meat farms, while others are companion animals that were trafficked into the dog meat trade.

LCA and ALW (Animal Liberation Wave, LCA's S. Korean sister organization) have created this petition to call on S. Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol to end the dog meat trade now. 

Extensive investigations by LCA/ALW into S. Korea’s dog meat trade have revealed extreme animal abuse and blatant legal violations, including:

  • Systematic cruelty towards dogs at auctions, markets, farms and slaughterhouses.
  • "Middle merchants" who travel by truck across S. Korea buying pet dogs from households, churches and factories to be sold at auction houses. This is in violation of Animal Protection Act 12(2) and 12(3).
  • Dogs arriving at slaughterhouses wearing collars, proving they were someone’s companion animal.
  • Dogs at slaughterhouses are stabbed repeatedly with electric rods. Killing by electrocution, beating or hanging is an act of animal cruelty prohibited by the Animal Protection Act (Article 8 (1) 1 and 2).
  • Illegal dog auction house holding auctions three times a week.

President Yoon has said he is “personally opposed to the consumption of dog meat,” but he has also made controversial remarks siding with the dog meat industry. In 2021, Yoon stated, “Dog meat consumption is not a matter of animal abuse because dogs for meat are raised in a different environment from pet dogs."

Faced with severe backlash from the S. Korean public, Yoon made campaign promises to ban the dog meat trade and dog meat consumption. Yoon describes himself as an “animal lover” and has four dogs and three cats.

Yoon must be called on to keep his campaign promises and withdraw his misguided views that condemn dogs to suffer horrific fates in the dog meat trade. There is no difference between dogs killed for meat and beloved family companion animals.

Help End the S. Korea Dog Meat Trade - Sign the Petition

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